Do Belly Bands Help In Post-Delivery Figure Restoration? Read This!

Belly Bands

Gaining the figure back after delivery is a real headache for every woman. Belly wraps are garments which wrap your tummy tightly and help in its shrinking. Many consider belly wrap as an effective technique to get back in shape, while some are against the idea and believe that only exercises and a healthy diet can help you restore your figure. The wiser stand is to use belly bands along with exercises and healthy diet so that you get the best results. If the idea interests you, just check out and see if it helps!

Getting back in shape is not just about the looks, it is a must for your overall fitness. According to the experts at, fat deposits around the abdomen is not a healthy sign, and so you must try every measure to get rid of it. Belly bands of different types are available in the market. Before you go for one, here is what you must know about belly bands!

Belly wrapping-An age old concept
The trendy belly wraps that are available nowadays are introduced recently, but the concept of wrapping the belly has been around for a long time. Abdominal binders were always used as a method to relieve back pain. They provide support to your back and hence reduces back pain. Belly binders compress your abs gently which may help your uterus to return to its actual size quickly after delivery. They also make you feel more comfortable as they provide support for your loose abdominal muscles.

Belly wrappers are not magical devices which give you results within a week. Experts say that you have to wear a belly binder for at least four to six weeks after delivery to get the comprehensive benefits. Belly bands come in different models and make. They do not usually come in a one-size-fits-all pattern; you will have to choose your size with care so that it fits you rightly.

A confidence booster with multiple advantages
Belly bands help you to fit better into your favorite clothes which you had thought you would never be able to use again. The feeling that your body looks good helps in enhancing your confidence and indirectly helps in your overall well-being. In addition to tucking your tummy, they provide support for your back while nursing and makes it easy while walking and bending down during diaper changes for your baby.

So, a belly band can be used for both figure restoration and back pain relief as well. Combining it with a healthy diet and moderate exercises are sure to bring you back into shape.

Try it!
Belly bands are available at affordable prices, and so there are definitely worth a try. Check with your physician regarding the healing of your incision in the case of C-Section delivery so that you can start wearing a belly band without the risk of infection. Also, check with him/her whether it is ok to do moderate exercises. Follow his advice and develop a daily routine with regular workout and healthy diet. You will be surprised by the results!!