Surgery To Fix Droopy Eyelids- An Overview

Droopy Eyelids Surgery

Our eyes would be in their finest look when we are young. But with age, changes appear in them. The skin of our eyelids starts sagging and fat deposits on them make them appear puffed up. Eyes are the features which catch first attention and a change in their look affects your overall appearance. If your droopy eyelids are making you look far older than your age, then surgery to fix droopy eyelid singapore would be the ideal choice for you! The surgery can be effectively done on your upper eyelid or lower eyelid.

According to the reports at, various celebrities have undergone eyelid surgery, and this is often one of the reasons of their young-looking face. The surgery can be done in many ways. Upon examining your eyes, a medical professional would be able to suggest you what is the perfect approach in your case so that you can proceed with the surgery accordingly. Let us move into the details!

Surgery for upper eyelids

The loss of elasticity of the skin on the upper eyelid is the main reason for sagging of the skin. The sagging skin disfigures the natural curve of the upper eyelid. The surgery corrects the sagging by tightening of the skin. In some cases, the loosening of the eyelid is so worse that it disturbs even the vision. Surgery is a must in such cases. It also removes the excess fat deposits on the upper eyelids which make them look bulgy. The surgery rejuvenates your upper eyelids and makes them more radiant and broad.

Surgery for lower eyelids

Lower eyelid treatment is usually done to remove the excess fat which makes the lower eyelid look droopy. If the drooping is more, then it would reveal the white portion of your eye below the irises which would affect your appearance negatively. If this is your case, then it would be better to get the lower eyelid surgery done. The wrinkles which make the eyelids look old can also be removed. The lower eyelid surgery can be done separately or along with upper eyelid as per your wish and the doctor’s suggestion.

How is the surgery carried out?

Eyelids surgery differ based on so many factors. A surgeon specialized in plastic surgeries would analyze your skin structure, the shape of the eyebrows, the bone structure of the forehead, etc. before deciding what type of treatment is required for you. Surgical correction is done by making a small incision. The incision would be carefully made in the pleats of the upper eyelid or just beneath the eyelashes in the lower eyelid so that they would not be visible at all externally. So, you need not worry about the cut being visible.

Just like any other surgery, eyelid surgery also requires some time to heal. Swellings and bruises may last for some days after the surgery. You need not worry over that; it will go away within a few days. Once the healing phase is over, you are all set with a pair of youthful and lovely eyes! Stay beautiful! Stay happy!