Bowflex Max Trainer Review – Worth the Money?

Bowflex Max Trainer Review

The Max Trainer is an exercise machine that is built based on the mechanism of a stair climber and an elliptical machine. It offers the benefits of high interval workout for duration of 14 minutes daily. Max trainer is a new machine from bowflex, there are different models that vary in the features, intensity, workout programs and so on. You can choose the model that you feel would fulfill the requirement of burning calories from the overall body.

The company known as Nautilus.Inc is the manufacturer of the Max Trainer. The prime objective of Max Trainer is to burn maximum calories and at the same time builds stronger lungs and hearts. It largely improves your stamina and endurance and burns calories even after the workout session is over. The unique machine is not seen in any other company and the motion of the machine is equivalent to running up on a steep hill. The equipment moves in circulation motion to deliver the best workout for it users, some of the key benefits have been discussed below.

Benefits of Max Trainer

Best Workouts: If you are planning to purchase the Max Trainer, you will certainly not regret it as it burns calories effectively. The weight capacity of the machine is 300 pounds and uses best design to offer great comfort to users. It burns more calories when compared to elliptical and other workout equipment. It keeps the upper body engaged more and does not have any impact on your joints. If you are unable to hit the gym daily due to time constraints, the Max Trainer is the safe bet.

Versatile: The Max Trainer offers great flexibility as it is a versatile machine. There are 16 resistance levels to choose from and the same can be adjusted by a turn dial manually. The burn rate monitor indicates the calories burned post workouts minute by minute. With the help of this feature, you can set the activity levels and achieve your weight loss goals. It also motivates you to stay on track.

User-Friendly: The Max Trainer comes with a display that is backlit to help you read the instructions carefully. With 8 inbuilt programs for the convenience of users, you can select from the options that include Fitness Test, Calorie Burn, Max Interval, Smart Max Interval, and more. There are apps that help you keep a tab on your progress. The machine comes with a console enabled with Bluetooth and the results of the workout can be stored. There is a chest strap to monitor the heart rate too.

Safety Features: The Max Trainer is designed with high quality handlebars to ensure that you have a firm grip. Also, there are media shelves and bottle holders fixed with the machines. Hence, users find it safe and satisfied to perform workouts on the Max Trainer.

Warranty: The Max Trainer is backed by 2 year warranty and it is one of the added features which can be rarely seen on other fitness brands.
Thus, the Max Trainer is an excellent option for people looking for a single machine to perform workouts for effective results.

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