Signs Of Low Testosterone Levels

Signs Of Low Testosterone Levels

Low Testosterone or Low-T is common in men over 40, but it can also affect men who are less than 30. Low testosterone levels affect your body and can lead to erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle, gain weight and many other symptoms as stated by . There are also possibilities of low testosterone levels through lifestyle habits that are not healthy and due to medical conditions.

Whenever you hear of fewer testosterone levels, you may anticipate the person to be either middle or old aged, but men who are less than 30 also have possibilities of low testosterone.
The testosterone levels will be high in men basically during their teenage or in their adolescence age. The levels reduce by 1% every year when they reach 30. There are also possibilities of younger aged people to have reduced testosterone levels.

When you have low testosterone, your body fails to produce enough amount of testosterone hormones. Though testosterone is called as the “male hormone,” it can affect both men and women. The testosterone therapy increases the insulin growth factor, which is one of the best ways of increasing testosterone though it may not lead to increase in strength. When the testosterone levels are low in men, it affects many male characteristics like male sex organs maturation, development of sperms, mass muscle development, hair growth and many other features. Low testosterone may lead to other sex-related symptoms like erectile dysfunction, infertility.

If you think you have low testosterone levels, then you should consult your doctor right away. Your doctor is the right person to diagnose the problem and help you to manage the issue. For few people, the main reason for low testosterone level is the unhealthy lifestyle they follow which can be easily changed. If any treatment is needed, then the doctor will help you to understand the benefits of the various treatments available.

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