Choosing the Right Breathalyzer Based On Your Need


The use of a breathalyzer has seen a significant increase in the recent years. It is a must have device for many consumers to create a self-awareness among the public. It can also be used as a personal device to know the blood alcohol content (BAC) level before driving. A breathalyzer helps you to take informed decisions based on the reading provided. BreathalyserADT offers several models of breathalyzers based on the requirement of the customers. You can find the various legal formalities carried out using a breathalyzer to monitor drunk and drive individuals in the website
It is now possible to connect certain BAC tracking devices with your smartphone to detect the BAC level of your blood before driving. There are breathalyzers available for professional and personal use. The article gives an overview of the various types of professional and personal breathalyzers available in the market. the article helps you to choose the right breathalyzers based on the features offered and the actual needs of the customers.

Types Of Breathalyzers
The type of breathalyzer is based on the nature of use. Breathalyzers can be used for professional and personal purpose. Certain types of breathalyzers are designed to meet the professional needs of customers. These breathalyzers are made up of fuel cell sensor technology to track the level of alcohol in the breath sample offered by individuals. The fuel sensor offers outstanding accuracy in measuring the BAC level. The professional breathalyzers are generally used for roadside alcohol testing, abuse centers, clinics and other business. The popularity of the fuel-cell sensor breathalyzer is increasing due to the decrease in the cost of these devices.

Breathalyzers for personal use are made up of semi-conductor sensors. These are affordable devices used for various personal needs of the people. The semiconductor sensor breathalyzers are used for personal, home and less professional testing of the alcohol levels. It does not offer accuracy in the measure of BAC levels. This type of device can be used just to detect if the person is intoxicated or not. The semiconductor sensor breathalyzer makes use of extraordinary sensor technology called Micro Check. This type of technology is used in various models of breathalyzers like BACtrackS35,BACtrack Vio, BACtrack Go and BACtrack Keychain. The Microcheck technology makes use of a semiconductor base that equalizes the response and offers more accurate results compared to other semiconductor sensors.

Features Of Different Types Of Breathalyzers
The two type of breathalyzers discussed above are portable as they are of less weight. The fuel sensor breathalyzer cost more than the semi-conductor sensor breathalyzer. The fuel cell breathalyzers are used for professional use and are more accurate than the semiconductor breathalyzer which is used for personal use. The fuel cell breathalyzers performs without any interruption during consecutive readings. The device need not be calibrated until several uses. A fuel cell breathalyzer needs to be calibrated annually while a sensor conductor breathalyzers needs to be calibrated once in six months. The professional breathalyzer device has a longer lifespan than the semiconductor base breathalyzers.

The article mainly focused on the use of professional and personal breathalyzer based on the need of the customer.