Some Of The Common STDs

STDsBy now everyone is aware of the complications of sexually transmitted diseases, but in spite of so much awareness, we find many people contracting STD. In fact, the number of STD have been increasing every year. The yeast, bacteria or the virus spread from and one person to another through anal, oral or vaginal sex. The genital parts are very moist which is very easy for them to multiply quickly. It is better getting yourself tested at Pittsburgh STD testing center periodically, to rule out any complications later. Most of the countries have started different types of awareness programs to check the spread of STDs and STIs as mentioned in

Let’s discuss some of the major STDs which are life threatening.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a life threatening STD which vital through unprotected sex. Hepatitis infects the liver. If undiagnosed it can lead to chronic hepatitis B and damage your liver. The symptoms for hepatitis B would be very similar to the flu in the starting stages. A blood test is enough to ascertain if you are infected. There are vaccinations available for Hepatitis B.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV is a life-threatening virus which affects the immune system of an infected person. Stage by stage it destroys a person’s immune system which is the primary defense for out body. When the virus is completely spread, and the final stages of the infections are referred as AIDS. A person with HIV can survive for a span of ten to fifteen years depending on the age of the infected person. The symptoms for HIV start showing up very late, by then the damage to the body is done, and if not tested earlier, it can spread to another person.

These are two life threatening STDs which need to be detected earlier to check the proliferation of the virus to other people.