Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

1da9218a45300dc00d92312c1bd223edApart from complications such as unwanted pregnancy, unprotected sexual activity can also lead to HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. It is important that one has knowledge about these since it can lead to infertility. Most of the STDs can be controlled and cured using antibiotics or other treatment strategies. One of most important factors for the treatment to work is detecting these diseases early. This plays a major role in getting the right treatment and making sure that it works as desired. If you are not sure but notice some infection, ensure that you get checked at one of the STD testing centers such as Pittsburgh, PA STD testing. The government website provides you with the numbers that you might want to understand the magnitude of the problem STDs can pose.

An organism called Trichomonas Vaginalis is the reason for this infection. It is mostly present in women and men can also be infected through sexual contact. Some of the symptoms of Trichomoniasis include pain during urination, discomfort during the intercourse and irritation in the genital region of the body. For detecting this, one has to undergo a physical examination as well as tests at the laboratory. Taking antibiotics might help in bringing down the effect of the disease.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
These viruses specifically attack the genital area and if the immune system of the person is weak, they can cause warts to appear. They are capable of making malignant changes to the genitals as well. There are many types of HPVs. They can affect both men and women and they spread mostly through direct contact with the infected area of the skin. Once women get affected by HPV, it can result in serious conditions leading up to cervical cancer. There are usually no symptoms associated with this and hence it is very difficult to identify. For treating HPV, a gynecological examination is conducted. Other tests such as colposcopy, examining the cervix and external genital area are also done. It is easy to remove the warts that appear on the body. However, there is no way to remove the virus from the body forever.

Pubic Lice
These are small insects that feed on human blood. They move along rapidly. As the name indicates, they mostly live in the pubic region of the body. Areas such as the portions around vagina and penis are where these are usually present. Sometimes, they are capable of being present in other parts of the body as well. At times, there are no symptoms that can identify the presence of pubic lice. Irritation and itching in the genital area can be considered as some of the symptoms. If you are not sure but you feel like you may have pubic lice, observe the pubic hair carefully. These lice can be detected easily. Any shampoo that can remove lice can be used for cleaning your pubic area. This will help in getting rid of the lice very easily. Make sure that you inform your partner if you have this condition. It is better not have any sexual activity until this is sorted out.