What You Should Know About Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga

Many studies have found that there is a deep link between our mind and body. It means the negative emotions like sadness, agony, jealousy, anger can have bad impact on our physical health. This is the reason, why we are advised to remove the negative emotions. Most workouts and modern exercises address on physical health and do not emphasize over mental health. This is the reason why traditional exercises like yoga and pranayama are preferred by many people these days. There are health bloggers like Rachael Flatt to provide a wealth of information on yoga. To explore more on health and related topics, it is better to go through www.everydayhealth.com.

In this article, we will read more about Kundalini yoga. First started by Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini yoga aims to improve our awareness. This yoga serves as a great tool to strengthen your spiritual development. Additionally, this yoga offers various benefits such as expanded lungs, better flexibility and also minimizes stress. Now let us look into some of the unbelievable benefits of practicing Kundalini yoga.

Every person has an inner guidance, which is the intuitive mind. Every person has this intuitive mind; however, it is diminished due to depletion of spiritual strength. With the meticulous practice of kundalini yoga, the effective cleansing of subconscious mind happens, thereby helping you to listen to your own inner guidance voice. With better ability to hear the inner guidance, you will be able to take a better decision in your life.

Chanting and breathing are the part and parcel of the Kundalini yoga practice. This chanting music has a resonating effect on various parts of the body. These effects will significantly improve your overall health.

The reason why Kundalini yoga remains unaltered and pure in the past thousand years is, it is, transmitted by the masters to students directly. By doing Kundalini yoga, you will become part of the lineage and will be able to link and get guidance from the spiritual masters.

Karma is the main reasons for the human being to suffer. Various spiritual practices aim to set the practitioners free from karma and attain spiritual perfection. Kundalini yoga helps you remove you from the karma cycle.

By practicing kundalini yoga, you would be able to strengthen the electromagnetic field surrounding your body, which is also referred as an aura. As you increase the practice, the field gets stronger and bigger to protect you from the negativity.

Kundalini yoga offers deep relaxation that will strengthen your nervous system. When the nervous system is weak, it can generate unwanted chemicals during stress, thereby aggravating the mental health problems.

As soon as you have decided to learn the Kundalini yoga, you need to find the right teacher. Do not simply trust anyone, who claims himself to be a specialist Kundalini yoga master. Do your research and take your time to find a genuine yoga master. It is better to avoid doing the exercise by reading the books. However, there are many online or DVD courses, which teach you yoga through clean video. Learning yoga through video could be a smart and effective way.

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