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Susan Taylor has taken her decades of experience in media and broadcasting and designed a comprehensive media training program that will leave attendees feeling comfortable, confident and prepared for interviews, presentations and large group speaking engagements.


Participants will learn:

  • The importance of proper body language and attire

  • How to use phrases, timing and speech patterns to effectively deliver a message

  • How to prepare for a media interview, nail the interview and what follow up is required after the interview is complete.

  • How to handle the "tricky" questions and stay on message

  • Loads of insider tips to strengthen your presentation, your message and your voice 

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Photo Credit: TEDxSanDiego/Fred Rodolfo

Clients Include:

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Brittany Hope.JPG

“I met Susan when I was a senior in college. I majored in broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California, and was just beginning my job search in the hopes of becoming an on-air reporter. During our first phone calls, she looked at my work and critiqued every single clip I sent her. I knew at that moment that I was immensely lucky to have her help pave the way through a very intense recruitment process. It was with Susan’s help that I received 3 job offers before graduation. I signed a contract as a reporter in Albuquerque, NM (market #48). It is because of Susan’s detailed coaching of my reporting style, voice, appearance, and interview skills that I am now living my dream. The thing that makes Susan so remarkable is her loyalty, and her passion for those she mentors. To this day, Susan and I still check in, and she still is there to evaluate my work. She is a class act and an incredible teacher and career coach. Thank you, Susan!”


Brittany Hope, Reporter, KOAT-TV 

"I met Susan Taylor while preparing for virtual MD/PhD program interviews. While I felt confident in my subject knowledge, my self-presentation skills had a great deal of room for improvement. I worked with Susan on everything from finding appropriate Zoom lighting to tie colors to showing more personality in my responses to common interview questions. Throughout this whole process, it was evident to me that Susan was deeply invested in my success and committed to helping me perform my best in my interviews. Susan is a patient and knowledgeable mentor, someone who I could trust to point out any issues she noticed and serve as my advocate during the incredibly stressful interview preparation process. With her support and my own practice, I was fortunate enough to be admitted to my top choice program (which has roughly 1000 applicants for an entering class of ~15). I could not recommend Susan’s consulting services more highly, and I am very grateful that I had the chance to work with her this past year."



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